Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I could be in this royal mess all day...
Theodore Alexander secretary desk and other exquisite pieces to follow... Yes, I am in love.
Sanitas Red Silk Damask wall covering.

Aristocratic Masterpiece...

One may be a little tres obsessed. Certainly missing out if you haven't seen Downton Abbey yet. Everything about this show is divine! I'm eagerly waiting for the third season. For those of you who haven't watched it, hurry up then! Thank me later. On a good note, I managed to find, or better yet, steal some fantastic images. My advice: Make some tea. Alors!
The Crawley Sisters...
The Earl and Countess of Grantham
Mr. Carson, the Butler.
Dowager Countess and the Earl's mother...
The Dining room...tissues, anyone?
Beautiful setup...
The Dowager Countess and Lady Grantham.
Lady Mary, Anna (Head Housemaid) and Lady Sybil. Sigh... Magnificent.

Drama Queen

Colour Galore! Simply delish! All we need are some cupcakes from Magnolia and English Breakfast tea.

Paradiso it is...

Sunday, November 27, 2011


When the weather is as good as it gets in Dubai and my coffee is just the way I like it, my day goes perfectly. Tuesdays are always in a limbo. It's queer cause it's away from the start of the week.. yet not so close to the end either. I wouldn't usually call it the favorite day of the week but todayyyyy was an exceptionally fantastic Tuesday. Visited Osborne & Little, J. Pansu, Etro, Nina Campbell....much too many to mention and ohhhhh the drama! The fabrics and wallpaper were all to die for!!! I advise some you take some tissues with you on your New Collection viewing. Met some amazing people too. More Tuesdays like this and Ghazal won't be complaining. One of my current projects is in Khawaneej/Mizhar2 Dubai. Plenty of beautiful villas/mansions in that area. This villa is certainly one of the most beautiful in the "freej" (that means neighborhood in Dubaian Arabic). It has a calm Arabesque exterior that is also carried out in the interior architecture of the villa. On the other hand the furniture has that Downton Abbey meets Dubai feel to it. Drooly pictures to follow tres soon! I'm much too tired to write. I just felt embarrassed to have had this blog started up without anything actually written in it. Guilty as charged. Until tomorrow darlings! taah for now! x